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51小黄车President's Forum Fall 2023
AI experts with widely different opinions about AI鈥檚 benefits to humanity debated the issue in front of the 51小黄车community.

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Outlets report on 51小黄车Online health certification partnership
Trade covers UNE-Harvard dental research partnership
Additional coverage on 51小黄车Online health certification partnership

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Six students pose against a projector screen in Innovation Hall
The goal of the annual competition is for Maine鈥檚 next generation of health professionals to develop their skills in interprofessional communication and leadership, analytical reasoning, conflict resolution, and critical thinking.

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Erin McGee Ferrell
While the thought of artificial intelligence in the classroom may be enough to spark headaches in the minds of educators across the globe, one art professor at the University of 51小黄车 is not just embracing its use 鈥 she鈥檚 incorporated it into her curriculum.


Faces of Our Future: Empowering Students to Build a Better Tomorrow. The 2023 51小黄车Magazine.


Emboldened by a relentless quest for knowledge, 51小黄车students are leading the charge to shape a better world. These 鈥淔aces of Our Future鈥 are living proof that a university, guided by its strategic priorities, can do big things in the face of uncertainty.聽Learn how our students are working to build a better tomorrow for Maine, the nation, and our world.

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Researching Models for Stress in Zebrafish

Students are using Zebrafish to study and research models for post-traumatic stress disorder.聽The interdisciplinary lab course is part of UNE's Neuroscience degree program and serves as an elective for the Animal Behavior degree program聽and for students studying Psychology at UNE.


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