Academic Advising for First-Year Students

As a new college student, you may have a lot of questions regarding your transition to college life, academics, resources, etc. Our professional advisors are here to help you with this navigation.

Meeting With Your Professional Academic Advisor

You will meet with your professional academic advisor several times during your first year. First, at Freshman Orientation and once a semester for Pre-Registration Advising to discuss your courses for the upcoming semester. Also, if your advisor is notified of any academic difficulties you may be experiencing, they will reach out to you to set up a meeting to discuss them. Your advisor is always available by appointment for any questions you may have during the year.

In your first year your advisor will help you with:

  • Transition to college for overall academic success
  • Connecting you to on-campus resources
  • Helping you understand the registration process
  • Sharing information about the University鈥檚 policies and procedures

When should I see my advisor?

  • Every semester prior to your registration date
  • To discuss academic progress
  • To find out more about a particular major or minor
  • To discuss any problems that might affect your academic performance
  • To discuss dropping a class, and the possible impact from your decision (financial aid, full-time status, etc.)
  • To discuss graduate and professional options and receive appropriate referrals
  • To monitor progress toward graduation

Faculty Mentors

Faculty Mentors are faculty members, typically from the department or program of the student鈥檚 academic major, who act as a valuable source of information and academic and career support to all first- and second-year students. The faculty mentor typically becomes the student鈥檚 primary advisor during the third and fourth and years of study.

Peer Advising

Peer Advisors are current students who work with Academic Advising to develop and present programming and be a resource that is helpful to second-year students as they continue on with their academics at UNE. This program enriches your advising experience by offering a different, but complementary point of view from the faculty/professional advisor鈥檚 perspective.